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For spectators attending the performances at Curium Ancient Theatre

Dear spectators and friends of the Festival,

In view of the upcoming performances of the Festival at Curium Ancient Theatre, we provide below important information for your convenience and for the smoothest run of the shows:

  1. Purchase your tickets in advance before heading to Curium Ancient Theatre. You can find tickets at selected SOEASY Kiosks in all cities, at TIME OUT Kiosk in Paphos, at “In N Out” Kiosk in Paralimni, or you can buy them online at
  2. You are kindly advised to arrive at the Curium Ancient Theatre at least 45 minutes before the performance.
  3. All performances start strictly at 21:00 and doors for the audience open at 20:30 the latest.
  4. Cars must be parked at St. Hermogenes and spectators will be transported to the theatre by buses. The last bus route from St. Hermogenes to the theatre departs at 20:45.
  5. Smoking, and the consumption of food and drinks at the theatre are not allowed. The damage caused to the monument surfaces from various waste material (chewing gums, etc.) is irreversible. For this reason, spectators are requested to use the rubbish bins located in the archaeological area for discarding any garbage and trash.
  6. You are reminded that the use of mobile phones during performance as well as taking photographs, with or without flash, and/or filming part and/or whole of the performance, are prohibited.

Thank you!

Open call for volunteers

Open call for volunteers

The organisers of the “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” announce an open call to all who are interested and wish to actively participate as volunteers in this important cultural institution and to join forces for the conduct of this year’s Festival edition.

The performances will be held at Paphos Ancient Odeon, Curium Ancient Theatre and “Skali” Amphitheatre in Aglantzia, from the 28th of June until the 27th July 2019.

The performances start at 21:00.

At the end of the Festival, volunteers will be given a certificate of participation.

If you wish to actively participate in the “2019 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama”, please see the performances’ schedule, fill in the application below and submit it online, by the 13th of June 2019 at the latest.

See you all there!



    Personal information:


    English: FluentVery GoodGood

    Italian: FluentVery GoodGood

    Spanish: FluentVery GoodGood

    Russian: FluentVery GoodGood

    Working / Volunteer Experience:

    Availability on performances and volunteer activities you might prefer to participate in:
    (Please select at least two options)

    Distribution of printed promotional material in selected locationsSeating ArrangementGeneral Duties

    PAPHOS (Paphos Ancient Odeon)

    June 28, 2019July 8, 2019July 22, 2019

    NICOSIA ("Skali" Amphitheatre, Aglantzia)

    June 30, 2019July 10, 2019July 18, 2019

    LIMASSOL (Curium Ancient Theatre)

    July 12, 2019July 13, 2019July 20, 2019July 26, 2019July 27, 2019

    What to see in this year’s Festival

    6 productions
    14 performances
    3 venues
    1st – 30th of July 2018

    Trojan Women
    by Euripides, directed by Andreas Christodoulides and produced by Theatro ENA, marks the opening of this year’s Festival, on the 1st of July at Paphos Ancient Odeοn, while more performances of the production will be held at Curium Ancient Theatre and at “Skali” Amphitheatre, in Aglantzia.

    Stefi Productions, Roads & Oranges Films, Municipal and Regional Theatre of Kozani and the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Veria, presents in co-production, the Aeschylean tragedy Agamemnon, directed by the internationally renowned Cezaris Graužinis for two performances at Curium Ancient Theatre.

    The Hungarian theatre group Spectrum Theatre presents at “Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia and at Paphos Ancient Odeon, Euripides’ Medea, directed by Viola Török.

    Returning to the Festival, the National Theatre of Northern Greece (NTNG), presents Euripides’ tragedy Orestes, directed by the artistic director of the NTNG, Yannis Anastasakis, in a new translation by the Greek poet Yorgos Blanas, for two performances at Curium Ancient Theatre.

    The second Cypriot production is Alcestis by Euripides, in a production of the Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble and directed by Paris Erotokritou, taking place at the “Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia, at Paphos Ancient Odeon and at Curium Ancient Theatre.

    The State Drama Rustaveli Theatre of Georgia presents Sophocles’ tragedy, Electra, directed by the artistic director of the Rustaveli Theatre and internationally famous Robert Sturua, by Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze, at Paphos Ancient Oden and “Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia.

    2018 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

    The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute (CCOITI) and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation announce the productions that are selected to participate in the “2018 International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama”.

    From the 1st until the 30th of July 2018, six theatre groups will present performances of ancient Greek drama at the Paphos Ancient Odeon, at the Curium Ancient Theatre and at the “Skali” Amphitheatre in Aglantzia:

    THEATRO ENA, Cyprus
    TROJAN WOMEN by Euripides
    Directed by Andreas Christodoulides

    AGAMEMNON by Aeschylus
    Directed by Cezaris Graužinis

    MEDEA by Euripides
    Directed by Viola Török

    ORESTES by Euripides
    Directed by Yannis Anastasakis

    ALCESTIS by Euripides
    Directed by Paris Erotokritou

    ELECTRA by Sophocles
    Directed by Robert Sturua, Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze


    A diverse programme has been developed by the organizers, focusing on the quality, on the numerical increase of the productions, as well as giving a step of creation to the Cypriot artists.

    The 22nd edition of the “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” is part of the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, 2018.


    ELECTRA by Sophocles


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    The Rustaveli Theatre, the largest and one of the oldest theatres of Georgia, presents a gripping and suspenseful adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy Electra, directed by Robert Sturua, Artistic Director of Rustaveli Theatre and renowned stage director, Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze.Robert Sturua’s visionary production promises a story that is as old as time and as shocking as today’s headlines. Electra, which represents the last and the most mature creative period of Sophocles, recounts the murder in the palace of Atreides, which reaches its peak with the matricide of Orestes. Focusing on the power of women trapped in a patriarchal system, on the complex family and gender dynamics relevant to today’s world, on the political activism dictating us to raise our voices tirelessly in the name of justice alongside with the sorrow, humor and political intrigues, the Georgian production manages to create a landscape of suspense and tension that propels the play to its inevitable conclusion. The passion and precision of the ancient writing is still in action during the show – a wonderful integrity.

    With Greek and English surtitles

    Grigoris Karantinakis and Nino Kantidze

    Robert Sturua

    Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze

    Mirian Shvelidze

    Ia Sakandelidze

    Kote Purtseladze

    Rusudan Barbakadze

    Music by Toru Takemitsu, Mark Isham, David Lang, Ólafur Arnalds and Rammstein are used in the performance


    Irakli Macharashvili

    Davit Gotsiridze / Lasha Jukharashvili

    Eka Molodinashvili

    Lela Akhalaia / Tamta Inashvili

    Nino Kasradze

    Beso Zanguri

    Gagi Svanidze


    Manana Abramishvili,Lela Akhalaia,Tamta Inashvili,Keti Svanidze,Keti Khitiri,Ana Amilakhvari