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ORESTES by Euripides

  • Friday, July 19
    Paphos Ancient Odeon
  • Sunday, July 21
    Makarios III Amphitheatre
  • Performances start at:
    Please arrive at the theatre before 20:15

Romania’s Tony Bulandra Theatre presents the Euripidean tragedy, Orestes, directed by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, in a production focused on the core element of suspension, where the heroes are constantly caught between two circumstances, two situations, two decisions.

After the murder of his mother, Clytemnestra, hunted by the Furies and condemned to death by the city, Orestes languishes, like a sick savage on a mattress, with Electra at his side. When their uncle Menelaus, returns to Argos from Troy, accompanied by Helen, the two siblings hope that he will intervene and persuade the City to overturn the death sentence that has been passed on his nephew. However, neither Menelaus nor their grandfather, Tyndareus, intend to help them. Orestes then turns to Pylades, who proves his strong friendship by deciding to support him at the risk of his life. The two young men, with the assistance of Electra, set in motion a plan of revenge with Helen and her daughter Hermione as victims, which seems to lead them deeper and deeper into a vicious cycle of violence and blood. Trapped in their actions, they desperately try to save themselves. The final solution comes from the intervention of Apollo as deus ex machina.

Euripides deals with the myth previously dramatised by Aeschylus in Eumenides bringing the myth closer to human standards and raising questions about the relations of generations, genders, social cohesion and the survival of the young in a world defined by insecurity and uncertainty.


  • Duration: 95 minutes

Claudiu Sfirschi-Lăudat
Yiannis Paraskevopoulos
Set design:
Horațiu Mihaiu
Costume design:
Valentin Codoiu
Johanna Bodor

Music composition:
Manos Milonakis
Lighting Design:
Adrian Dragomir
Assistant to the director:
Mircea Silaghi
Technical Director:
Iulian Scarlat


Electra: Oana Marcu
Orestes: Mario Monțescu
Pylades: Andrei Mărcuță
Menelaus: Cristian Olaru
Helen: Iulia Verdeș
Hermione: Iulia Alexandra Dinu
Tyndareus: Constantin Florescu
Messenger: Camelia Varga
Phrygian: Radu Câmpean
Apollo: Florin Georgescu Jr.
Chorus: Antonia Ionescu, Ana Maria Carablais


Euripides’ Orestes is an exceptional play because it addresses two things that I consider very important at this moment in my life. The first is the right to Speech. Speech is a great gift for humanity and must be used to move forward. To claim. To persuade. Especially, to communicate without hiding anything.

The second element, for me, is Youth. Youth gives me the right to make mistakes, I can be enthusiastic and despair in a second, without this being negatively criticised. And that is only possible because I am young.

But, the most important thing of all in Euripides’ work is the element of Suspension. Like the author himself, his heroes are constantly suspended between two conditions, two situations, two decisions.

This was also the core of working with the actors and collaborators.

How difficult it is always to find yourself between two situations.

– Yiannis Paraskevopoulos


Tony Bulandra Theatre is an alive and kicking repertoire theatre in Târgoviște city in Romania, with a rich activity of almost nine premieres per year. It finds its reason for being, in the need for Beauty and in the desire to offer it to the spectators. The aesthetic, the artistic Beauty which is above all human classifications, inherited ever since the ancient populations.

Tony Bulandra Theatre is a laboratory of transforming the profane elements into sacred ones, elevating the being above being through modern approaches of prestigious national and international directors on plays from the worldwide theatrical patrimony.

At Tony Bulandra Theatre young people work for other young people because they are the ones that experience each time the wonder of being. In search of contemporary texts and young dramaturgy, the theatre company is trying to fulfil, through the tackled themes, the need for a community theatre, aware of the present social context.

Tony Bulandra Theatre has a past, a present and a future. It places signs on the Time-lapse in order to perpetually (re)gain the path to the Soul. It was founded on the 30th of January 2002. From its beginning until the present, the theatre company has been participating and presenting productions in national and international theatre festivals.

Moreover, Tony Bulandra Theatre organises an International Festival of Performing Arts called “Babel”, which has reached its 12th edition and each year awaits valuable artists from all around the world to rejoice together through essential artistic meetings.