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A note from the Acting Director General of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has always set culture as a basic pillar of its tourism strategy and the support of quality cultural events aimed both at local and foreign visitors is a priority for the Organisation. Within this framework, CTO has been a close supporter of the “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” since its very beginning 20 years ago and up to date.

Ancient Greek drama poses one of the most timeless human creations. Its multifaceted nature and its ability to express the human psyche in such a deep and profound way, renders it an inexhaustive topic for analysis and interpretation. What is most fascinating is that despite changes in its approach through the years, ancient Greek drama continues to act as a path to discovery and self discovery for this generation and generations to come. Moreover, its innate multicultural appeal makes it open to an infinite number of interpretations, depending on the country of origin and the cultural background of each drama club.

The CTO is happy to see how the festival has grown and flourished over its 20 year old course. The hosting of innovative contemporary performances of ancient drama from diverse cultural spaces, the attraction of a wider audience via the use of surtitles as well as the promotion of contemporary works of ancient drama by Cypriot artists are merely a few of its achievements. The European EFFE Label 2015/2016 which the festival has been awarded with is proof of its establishment as a notable cultural institution beyond the borders of Cyprus.

This year’s diverse and exciting festival programme includes quality performances by five theatre companies from Cyprus, Germany, Belgium and Greece taking place at the Ancient Odeon in Pafos, the Kourion Ancient Theatre in Limassol and the Archbishop Makarios III Amphitheatre in Nicosia. Locals as well as tourists visiting Cyprus in July will once again have the opportunity to enjoy an array of theatrical performances of high artistic caliber.

It must be noted that all performances of this year’s “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” for the third consecutive year are included in the official events programme of the Organisation “European Capital of Culture – Pafos 2017”.

On behalf of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation I wish to wholeheartedly thank everybody who worked tirelessly for the preparation of this year’s festival and especially the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institution for the excellent cooperation over the years, as well as for their continuing efforts for the further development and enrichment of the Festival.


Mrs Annita Demetriadou
Acting Director General
Cyprus Tourism Organisation