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Makarios III Amphitheatre

The Makarios III Amphitheatre, the oldest modern amphitheatre in Cyprus, has hosted some of the capital’s most important cultural events. Built in the 1950s at the School for the Blind, it became an ideal venue for theatre, concerts, and other cultural activities and events, largely thanks to the efforts of the late Nikolas M. Iereidis, the School’s first Director, who was a noted theatre-lover.

Cyprus Theatre Organisation rents and manages the theatre.

  • Makarios III Amphitheatre (School for the Blind Amphitheatre)
    26, 28th October Str.,
    2012 Acropolis,

Technical specifications
Please note that the following are not permitted:
  • Entry into the theatre after the beginning of the performance.
  • Smoking, and the consumption of food and drinks at the archeological site (with the exception of water).
  • The use of mobile phones during performance.
  • Taking photographs, with or without the use of flash, and recording (audiotaping or videotaping) part and/or the whole of the performance.

  • Audience members are expressly prohibited from occupying seats other than those specifically stated on their tickets.