• THE TROJAN WOMEN by Euripides
    Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica
    Friday, June 28 │ Paphos Ancient Odeon
    Sunday, June 30 │ “Skali” Amphitheatre
  • HECUBA by Euripides
    Eros Ammochostos Theatre, Cyprus
    Tuesday, July 2 │ Curium Ancient Theatre
    Thursday, July 4 │ Paphos Ancient Odeon
    Saturday, July 6 │ “Skali” Amphitheatre
  • HIPPOLYTUS by Euripides
    Maltravieso Teatro and La Almena Producciones, Spain
    Monday, July 8 │ Paphos Ancient Odeon
    Wednesday, July 10│ “Skali” Amphitheatre
  • LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes
    Fondazione INDA (National Institute of Ancient Drama - Syracuse Greek Theatre Festival), Italy
    Friday, July 12│Curium Ancient Theatre
    Saturday, July 13│Curium Ancient Theatre
  • BACCHAE by Euripides
    Belacqua Theatre, Cyprus
    Thursday, July 18 │ “Skali” Amphitheatre
    Saturday, July 20 │ Curium Ancient Theatre
    Monday, July 22 │ Paphos Ancient Odeon
  • IPHIGENIA IN AULIS by Euripides
    National Theatre of Northern Greece
    Friday, July 26 │ Curium Ancient Theatre
    Saturday, July 27 │ Curium Ancient Theatre

The "International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama" is a distinct cultural event with an international character, hosting for two decades in Cyprus theatre companies from all over the world to present ancient Greek drama in their own language. Performances bear an intense coloring of the performers’ country and the mosaic that is being created opens a dialogue with contemporary stages and an international audience.

Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and culture
Cyprus Centre Of The International Theatre Institute
Organised by

The “International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama” has been honored with the EFFE Label (2015-2016, 2017-2018 and 2019-2020), as one of the Europe’s finest festivals.

“Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia

Curium Ancient Theatre

Paphos Ancient Odeon


International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama

The performances are presented in open-air amphitheatres, such as the Ancient Odeon in Paphos, the Curium Ancient Theatre in Limassol and the “Skali” Amphitheatre in Aglantzia.

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