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“Skali” Amphitheatre

“Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia

The Amphitheatre is part of the Cultural Centre “the skali” at the Aglantzia Municipality. Inaugurated in 1992, it was designed by the Architects I. Ioakim and A. Lioza, who were appointed to deliver this work, after an open competition that was addressed to all Cypriots. Taking advantage of the morphology of the ground at its construction, part of the theatre is made of natural rock. Its design guarantees the satisfaction of the visitor who will enjoy the view and the acoustics, in a theatre that is equipped with modern dressing rooms and specialized lighting.

“The skali” Cultural Centre

“The skali” Cultural Centre is the most resourceful centre at the Aglantzia Municipality and it is the basic infrastructure for the cultural enhancement of Aglantzia. It consists of outdoor plaza, an amphitheatre, “The Caves”, an exhibition space, restaurant, bar, the St Georgios and Panagia Churches, the old cemetery of Aglantzia and a parking space.

Since its founding, it has hosted several notable events, like concerts, theatre performances, group exhibitions, conferences, lectures etc.

  • +357 2246 2233 – Cultural Services of Aglantzia Municipality
  • 15 Agiou Georgiou, Aglantzia 2108, Nicosia
Please note that the following are not permitted:
  • Entry into the theatre after the performance commences.

  • Smoking, and the consumption of food and drinks at the theatre (with the exception of water).

  • The use of mobile phones during performance.
  • Taking photographs, with or without flash, and/or filming part and/or whole of the performance.
Theatre’s specifications