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ELECTRA by Sophocles

  • Wednesday, July 25
    Paphos Ancient Odeon
  • Friday, July 27
    “Skali” Amphitheatre, Aglantzia
  • Performances start at:
    Please arrive at the theatre before 20:45

The Rustaveli Theatre, the largest and one of the oldest theatres of Georgia, presents a gripping and suspenseful adaptation of Sophocles’ tragedy Electra, directed by Robert Sturua, Artistic Director of Rustaveli Theatre and renowned stage director, Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze.

Robert Sturua’s visionary production promises a story that is as old as time and as shocking as today’s headlines. Electra, which represents the last and the most mature creative period of Sophocles, recounts the murder in the palace of Atreides, which reaches its peak with the matricide of Orestes. Focusing on the power of women trapped in a patriarchal system, on the complex family and gender dynamics relevant to today’s world, on the political activism dictating us to raise our voices tirelessly in the name of justice alongside with the sorrow, humor and political intrigues, the Georgian production manages to create a landscape of suspense and tension that propels the play to its inevitable conclusion. The passion and precision of the ancient writing is still in action during the show – a wonderful integrity.

  • With Greek and English surtitles

  • Translated and adapted for the stage by:

    Grigoris Karantinakis and Nino Kantidze

  • Staging Director:

    Robert Sturua

  • Directed by:

    Grigoris Karantinakis and Nikoloz Heine-Shvelidze

  • Design:

    Mirian Shvelidze

  • Music editing:

    Ia Sakandelidze

  • Choreography:

    Kote Purtseladze

  • Assistant to the Director:

    Rusudan Barbakadze

  • Music by Toru Takemitsu, Mark Isham, David Lang, Ólafur Arnalds and Rammstein are used in the performance

  • Old Slave:

    Irakli Macharashvili

  • Orestes:

    Davit Gotsiridze / Lasha Jukharashvili

  • Electra:

    Eka Molodinashvili

  • Chysothemis:

    Lela Akhalaia / Tamta Inashvili

  • Clytemnestra:

    Nino Kasradze

  • Aegisthus:

    Beso Zanguri

  • Pylades:

    Gagi Svanidze


Manana Abramishvili,
Lela Akhalaia,
Tamta Inashvili,
Keti Svanidze,
Keti Khitiri,
Ana Amilakhvari

  • Director’s note

  • The Rustaveli Theatre